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Six Months Out, State of the Nation Survey

The Independent Center conducted an online nationwide survey, fielded May 16 – 21, among n1200 adults/n1000 registered voters nationwide. 

Margin of error adults ±2.83%/registered voters ±3.1% at the 95% confidence interval.
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Socially Tolerant & Fiscally moderate

We all want common sense solutions and politicians who will work together, across the aisle. 

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Independents will decide the next President. 

But who are “Independents” in America today? And what do Independents want & believe?

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Common Ground


Opportunity for all, big & small, with a simple, fair tax & regulatory system.

Social Security

We all want security & we all know reforms are needed, let's make a start.


Everyone agrees, we need better results for our children & our future.


For the people, efficient, effective & accountable service delivery.

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