Our Mission

Leaders who support centrist common sense compromise are at risk. 

Each election results in more extreme candidates, thriving on division to propel their fame… at our expense.

The Independent Center’s mission is advocate for the millions of Americans who believe we share common ground.

Moderate, independent voters are the majority. It’s time we raise our voices to support leaders who will work together to solve our challenges with tolerance & compromise.

Through our research, events & outreach we will promote & support candidates who share our values.

Our Values

Americans in every part of our country are demanding their voice be heard. We’ve been listening, we’ve heard you loud and clear.

Independents want socially tolerant and fiscally moderate policies. You want common sense solutions.

We believe transparency and accountability matter more now than ever. That fairness and equality of opportunity delivers prosperity, and that having choices gives us the freedom to achieve the best outcomes.

And most important, we don’t all have to agree on everything but where we differ we respect and tolerate our differences. We make compromises to make progress. 

Together we have a historic opportunity to make a difference, to be heard and to impact who gets elected and the policies they promote on our behalf. 

Our Goals

We all know we need to reform immigration, education, government services & entitlements but we’re making no progress because moderate & centrist representatives aren’t getting the support they need.  

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With your help by joining our movement we will give the support moderate & centrist candidates need in primaries, backing they need as elected representatives & attention they deserve when they are solving problems with common sense & compromise.  

Then only way we can succeed is with your help, sign up to show we have the numbers.

We need your ideas & feedback. Plus we’ll share our latest polling insights, access to special events & more.

Join with us in giving voice to the millions of Americans who want to make a difference. 

United in a mission to give independent Americans a voice